Questions We Should Be Asking…

Questions can be a dangerous springboard to the reality that we want to deny yet continues to linger in our mind. Stop and ponder these probing questions…if you dare.

1. Why do Christians in America think of persecution as being made fun of by peers where in China persecution is solitary confinement in prison or being beaten for the faith?

2. Why is the divorce rate in the Church the same as in the world?

3. Why do people measure the success of a ministry by the numbers and not the fruit?

4. Why does spending $40 on a Friday night for dinner and a movie look like no big deal but giving $40 to a person in need seem like a sacrifice?

5. Why is it so easy to reach out to the lost while on a missions trip but so difficult to be a godly witness where you live?

6. Why do we need worship leaders or even music to have a meaningful corporate worship experience with God?

7. Why does the world seem to have more faith in winning the lottery than some Christians have in the providence of God?

8. Why don’t we have people ping dead in our church gatherings today?

9. Why do people go to a gathering and rate the worship or preaching?

10. Should we ever expect to enjoy the joy of God when we treat knowing God like a dull obligation instead of the chance of a lifetime?11. Does God desire our actions or our hearts?

12. Why is Jesus not enough for me?

13. Why is the good news of the Gospel so hard to share with the world?

14. Why does the Church have divisions when Jesus said that a house united against itself will not stand?

15. When a comedian tells a joke about TV preachers why does the punch line always have something to do with asking for money?

16. Would Jesus have attended a ‘Christian’ school or would He have gone and lived as a Christian in a public school?

17. What will appeal best to the postmodern culture a conversation about God or a weekly lecture from a preacher about God?

18. Does it really matter what the world wants? What about what God wants?

19. When did Jesus ever seek to be defined by the culture around Him?

20. If the lifestyle that Jesus modeled was the cross why am I so apt to feed every momentary impulse and craving?

21. Why does my view of God seem so small and my problems appear so big?

22. Why is it so hard to sit still and listen to the voice of God?

23. What does it really mean that the spirit of God dwells inside His children?

24. When you say that God spoke to you why do most people, including some Christians, look at you as if you’re just plain crazy?

25. In America why do Christians do spiritual things at church that they claim they don’t have time to do at home as a family?

26. When people talk of a church in America, why do they think of a building and not a body?

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