Remove the Veil

A prayer based on II Corinthians 3:5-18

Oh God, you are everything. Man can do nothing without out. You are my source. Forgive me for trying to do the works of heaven on my own. Forgive me for trying to live by the law and not the Holy Spirit. Although Your law is great, the freedom and joy experienced in a Spirit-led life is far greater.Reveal unto me the mysteries of the spirit, that which is not seen in the physical world. Remove the veil from my heart. Root out any unbelief from my life. Free my mind from any deep-seated lie that acts against your truth. I rejoice in knowing that You have already done the work that I ask for in faith. Help me to take hold of it in my life.You, oh God, the highest life are Spirit. All things come from You. Transform me, oh God, as I gaze upon Your beauty. Make me look like You in increasing measure day by day. May I reflect Your glory to the world as the Spirit works in my life. Amen!


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