Daily Archives: February 5, 2004

Being Who God Created You to Be

I first heard about the sand art of Randy Hofman because a Christian co-worker heard about it from a devote agnostic. That should say something on its own.

While the modern church is looking for the right model to reach the world, here’s a guy making masterpieces in the sand that touches thousands of people every year. He doesn’t charge for admission. He doesn’t do it in a church building. He takes the message to the streets. Randy Hofman seems to be living the answer that so many Christian strategists are trying to figure out. I can only imagine that God has scribbled a divine call on Hofman’s heart. As he responded, he found a way to be exactly what God created him to be. In the process, the good news of Jesus Christ is proclaimed to the world.

Check out Hofman’s sand sculptures. They are amazing! Hofman takes the message to the people in a relevant, unique way. What can you do to take what God has given you and share it? You may think you have nothing to offer. But you’re wrong. God has gifted everyone with talents and abilities. You just have to discover what makes you…you.

Visit Hofman’s Web site and be inspired.