As scientists break matter down into the smallest measurable parts, they have made some astounding discoveries. Much of what makes up the things in the universe is ‘empty’ space. Some scientists believe the space is not empty at all. They think it could contain limitless energy. Others believe the space can be manipulated. Still, others believe it is simply empty.

Just because we can’t see something even with the best microscopes, does that mean that there is nothing there? Is there a realm beyond the view of the eye? This mystery appears to reveal the grand design of God. The things we see are made up mostly of what we can’t see. And as best as we can tell, there is a lot of empty space in matter.

While worshipping God the other day, the Spirit impressed upon me that God had designed the empty space in matter as a sign to what He desires to do in man. We are mostly empty space because He wants to fill us with His presence and proclaim His glory through us. The invisible nature of whatever fills the empty spaces is a picture of the spirit realm, which is a higher form of life than physical things.

This caused me to stop and think how much of my life is really filled up with God. If God designed man to have a bunch of holes just like Swiss cheese that might explain why many people feel so empty. As people try to plug the holes with anything other than God, they continue to feel empty. The more things that people try, the more desperate and miserable they become. I have definitely felt this way in the past and still face this challenge in my life everyday. The key seems to be let God plug the holes in your life with whatever He so desires. The Creator definitely knows how to best finish the masterpiece.

Consider the spaces in your life. Where does your time go? Do have a second to breathe between activities? When was the last time you stopped to involve God in your daily life? The only way to know what needs to be in the spaces in your life is to stop and let God show you.

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