Daily Archives: February 29, 2004

Where Is the Focus?

I recently read a stastics that 80% of the time, energy, and money spent by many churches goes towards making weekend services happen. But this drives “Sunday-Centric” churches to always be looking for something new to keep the consumers happy.

Should a churches’ focus be the appetites of men or the glory of God? Why are we always trying to be culturally relevant when much of what this culture stands for goes directly against the Word of God?

I am starting to wonder if one of the reasons that we have not seen God pour out His Spirit in greater measures in our lives and fellowships is because we have asked for something else.

Oh, God. Make me ready to be a true worshipper. Focus my attention where it should be. Help me to stay on target and walk in greater revelation of Your love for me. Purge me. Turn my appetities to crave spiritual things. Consecrate me. Make me fully devoted to You!