Same Old Lies in New Costumes

“We need less reformation and more transformation…The lie often comes in a new form that looks like enlightenment. We all say, ‘This is it,’ and we jump on the bandwagon.” – excerpted from Richard Rohr, Everything Belongs

Looking for the next big thing has been quite the trend in modern Christianity. Fads come and go. Yet the foundation of the Gospel remains very simple. People need a savior. People want to be loved and accepted. God has made a way for us to partake of His divine life. Jesus made all things new on the cross. People are designed to live in oneness with God and other Christians. Love covers a multitude of sins, and we are to love one another as Jesus has loved us.

These truths are very simple yet profoundly radical. Instead of chasing ministry fads and looking for quick fixes, may the Church should focus on getting to know God and loving other people. By holding fast to these key disciplines, true believers will find their unique rhythm and voice. Why go for the same old lie in new clothes when you can have the real thing? All it takes is to make the spaces in life so that you can connect with God and other people.


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