Stopping to Listen

Prayer has been primarily a one-way conversation to me. I take time out of ‘my’ day to stop and tell God what’s going on with me and what I want. But I am starting to see that there is a crucial element of my prayer life that is missing. God gave people two ears and only one mouth for a reason. While studying silence and contemplative prayer techniques, I have been convicted that I don’t stop and just listen enough when it comes to my focused time with God.

God has a lot to say, and when He speaks, things get done. By the very words of God, the entire universe was created. Yet listening in complete silence can be so hard. First, you play mind games with yourself because you wonder what you should be listening for. Doubt creeps in your head. You begin to question if you’re actually hearing from God or if you’re just falling prey to your overactive imagination.

Jesus said that His sheep know His voice. God is speaking. Am I truly listening?

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