Daily Archives: March 28, 2004

Mine, Mine, Mine!

The words ‘my’ and ‘mine’ are commmon to hear coming from the lips of a Christian. I say these words all of the time. But I wonder if we can ever really make those claims. You may think I’m trying to get super spiritual here. But stop and think about what those words mean.

When we say, ‘This is my house or my kids,’ we are staking claim to ownership. And if a Christian has yielded everything in their life to God, he no longer possess any rights. Christians have pledged everything to the cause of the King. This truth has profound implications for a person’s everyday life.

What if somebody does something that causes you to have to change your schedule and take some of ‘your’ time? It’s real easy to get upset and frustrated. We feel completely justified in being upset at the person’s audacity to infringe on ‘our’ rights. What if you lose your job and have to sell your house? This would crush many people. I don’t know how I would respond. I would like to think that I could walk away with no long-term bitterness toward God. But I just don’t know.

The person who owns nothing is not held captive by anything. He could lose everything of worldly value and feel completely content. This person realizes that in Christ, he posses all things in One. Abraham was a very wealthy man, but nothing owned him. He even showed his willingness to part with the thing on this earth he loved the most – his son Isaac.

In order to gain Christ, you must be willing to trade everything else including your wealth, your family, your time, your reputation, your rights, your body, your ministry and your very life. This may seem like a lot. But in the end, God is giving us the better end of the deal.