Have You Ever Seen Jesus?

A mature brother in Christ recently asked, “Have you ever seen Jesus?” at a gathering of a local house church. He looked around the room while we all searched in our minds for the ‘right’ answer. Was he talking about physically seeing Jesus or seeing Him in a dream? Quick thing fast. Was the man asking about seeing Jesus through His creation or the works of His people? It was one of those moments where you could sense the tension. Had it been a game show many of the people would have probably shouted ‘Pass’ hoping that the next quetion would be easier.

Was the man’s question directed at seeing in the spirit or the flesh? What’s the difference? Affraid of making a mistake, I just kept my hand on my lap. I didn’t want to lie. But I couldn’t honestly remember having seen a visible image of Jesus other than a few Bible-inspired visions, God’s creation and His people. If we walk by faith, does it really matter what we see? Jesus said that those who did not see Him yet believed would receive a blessing. Oh, oh, I want a blessing. Pick me! Pick me!

I didn’t want to seem religous and raise my hand out of peer pressure. But I also didn’t want to seem unspiritual because I know that I know that Jesus Christ is real. He loves me with the best kind of love. Jesus is my God, Lord and Savior. Why am I even worried about getting the ‘right’ answer? Who is grading the test? If God is reviewing the scantron bubble sheet of my life, I can’t fake him out. God knows the truth. He can see right through me. God remembers my past better than I do.

Ok God. You win. I surrender. Help! Give me the answer. Ok, will you at least give me a chance for extra credit?

Jesus looks at me with eyes of love and says, “Look not at what is seen but what is unseen. You are saved by grace through faith, which is not of your own work. Rest in my merciful arms. Behold I make all things new – including the eyes of your heart to see me.”

1 Timothy 1:16

But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his unlimited patience as an example for those who would believe on him and receive eternal life.

4 responses to “Have You Ever Seen Jesus?

  1. Two years ago, in a late February night of 2006, i made an offering to Jesus…for He gave His blood for me on the cross and absorbed all my sins so i humbly offered Him my blood…i poured out my heart to Him. Two days later, in the early morning hours at 3:20am my eyes suddenly opened and i saw Him standing over me about four feet away. He was translucent blue and in the process of fading away. He was wearing a blue robe that had strange pleats in the front. I knew i was experiencing an adrenaline rush because i felt exactly like you feel when you suddenly realize someone is in the room that you weren’t aware of, only multiply it by ten.

    I was stunned…i am still stunned to this day. Wondering how Jesus could have blessed me so. I feel he has rewarded my faith in Him by appearing to me, so the question of whether or not Jesus or God exists has been answered in, to me, a most unequivocal manner.

    I know it is not the same thing but if you read this, then now you know too.


    I highly advise you to take the deal He is offering to everyone before He returns.

  2. When i was 8 yrs old playing in the field behind my house.. I looked up and in amazement i saw Jesus watching me Play…he was surround by a cloud ..so i could only see him from his waste up.. I ran home and told my mom.. who didnt believe me.. but im way older then 8 now and thats sumthing that i will never forget … why he let me see him who knows…All i do know is that he is Alive !!!

  3. well..i have seen the work of the lord our god.one day my wife and kids were geting ready to go to the zoo and i sat down on the bed before i knew it i was in a small town fighting a holy battle i seen alot of things i dident understand its been about 4 years now and i still think about that day.mybe some day i will tell you what i seen and did for our lord that day..it still brings tears to my eyes to think about it..well i need to go now..god blessed us all.and he will forgive you for your sins..this i know for sure…

  4. I see Jesus all the time. He’s in the clouds,sky and on the earth. One time in particular he shown himself while I laid in bed ; I was upset about my boyfriend and I had broken up. Even though my eyes was full of tears, there was no mistaking what I saw. Jesus came to me by way of the sun. I saw him through a sunbeam and he told me to follow him. I saw a trial that he went through.He told me I would get better. I believed him. That day, I accepted him as my savior.Being a christian is the best thing I have ever done in my life! The peace is amazing ,even when everyone else is at a wit’s end. Thank God He save me!

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