Water Flows Down Hill

As hurricane Gaston ripped through my hometown, I watched while torrential rains caused near record flooding. While driving home from work, I asked for God’s protection. Excessive flooding caused some cars to be buried under water.

I was concerned that my car might not make it through the high waters at some points on my journey. I stopped my car for a moment and looked around as strong winds ripped through the trees. Rain fell with such force that my wind shield wipers provided little assistance.

With traffic stopped, I took a moment just to appreciate the shear magnitude of the storm. Looking around I noticed the water flow. No matter where the rain landed. It followed a pattern. Water lets ran down hill using the path of least resistance. If there was an obstacle, the water just went around it seeking the easiest way to get down hill.

When I got home, I stared out my window and watched as a miniature river flowed through my back yard. The water diverted around my house and flowed toward my neighbor’s driveway. Due to the slop of my back yard, the water ran away from my house. For hours, water took the same path as the rain continued through the night.

The water demonstrates human nature. When people are typically faced with a choice, they look for the path of least resistance. By nature, humans are creatures of convenience and expedience. They follow a course that leads down hill. And in this little life lesson, down hill represents the way of sin. Scriptures tell us that the end result of sin is death (Romans 6:23) And Proverbs points out that there is a way that seems right to man but it leads to death.

The next time you want to hear from God look around and see what His creation tells you about divine truth. From the ant to raging flood waters, life lessons can be seen everywhere if we only have eyes to see them.


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