Indulge – Can You Resist?

While surfing the Web today, I came along an ad for Jaguar’s new XJ8L luxury sedan. The ad campaign for the vehicle is built around the Seven Deadly sins described in the Bible. What caught my attention was the honesty of the ads. Most ads appeal to our desires without trying to call attention to the existance of the desires. But Jaguar’s new campaign is so bold that it just begs for commentary.

The ad pops up with the following messages, “Lust – Curves in all the right places. Envy – Everyone will wish they were you. Wrath – The fury of a supercharged 390-HP, V8 engine.” Wow, talk about honest. The ad is so brazen that it makes me almost feel OK with my desire for more, bigger, better.

Curves in all the right places appeals to those who can have a car that is in shape even if their bodies are not. Envy hits on a primary motive guiding many decisions made by the American consumer. Wrath gives people a sense of power and control. If you own this car, you will finally be the one in the drivers seat of life.

Have we become so brazen in our quest for the “best” life that we don’t even try to hide it any more?

When will we learn that after we get it home from the showroom, it’s just more stuff? More stuff does not create happiness. It generally causes more debt. When will we learn that the devil is a slick, used car salesman who appeals to the most base desires of mankind?


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