You Are What You Eat

“What we consume matters because we become what we consume.” – Rob Bell Jr.

“Our cravings are often about something else.” – Rob Bell Jr.

“Lust promises what it can’t deliver. Lust is built on a lie.” – Rob Bell Jr.

These three profound statements are taken from two sermons by Rob Bell, the teaching pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan. Rob hits on the dangers of being a consumer. Frequently, we become consumed by what we consume. Our hunger for more leads to less and less. We keep on chasing shadows and come up empty handed.

What is that one thing you can’t give up? That is your god. What is that one temptation you can’t seem to lick? That is your master. We must come the end of our own strength before we can truly live by God’s power. We are weak. But God is strong. All things are possible for those you believe and submit to God’s power.

You can download Rob Bell’s teachings from the Mars Hill Web site at


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