If the Shoe Fits…

According to what I have always heard and read, many people do not walk correctly. I’m not talking about how they swagger. It’s all about posture and how people use their feet when they walk. Many people, including myself, have poor posture. I have had people tell me in the past that I stoop sometimes.

The other day while reading a major news magazine, I came across an article about shoes designed to force correct posture. Called the Masai Barefoot Technology (mBT), the shoes have thick, curved soles. This design encourages a rocking and rolling motion from the heel to the toe. Poor posture in these shoes might cause you to fall. mBT shoes are very expensive and can be difficult to get accustomed to wearing at first.

The mBT sneakers are gaining in popularity, awkward looking and definitely cool. Many of the mBT designs have goofy looking souls. Some people report feeling like they are walking on stilts when they first put on a pair of mBT sneakers. Strolling in a pair of these puppies can be serious exercise and work for the newbie.

How important is our walk? Some researchers indicate that poor posture can cause a number of long-term health problems. By encouraging a more natural gait, the mBT shoes can ease back and joint pain and improve proper muscle use according to published reports. With a price tag around $234 per pair, you have to be willing to pay a high price for these shoes.

But do they work? Well, there is nothing like a few well timed falls on your face to correct years of bad posture. This may seem like tough love. But it is probably effective.

Is there a deep life lesson here? I think so. The mBT design corrects how someone walks in order to improve health. Walking can be something that we take for granted. We have done it so long, we just assume that we do it right. The same thing can happen with a Christian when it comes to spiritual things. We don’t stop to see if we are getting the basics right. Consequently, there are many Christians walking around with bad spiritual posture and poor habits in their daily walk with God.

Just like health conscious consumers, many within the Body of Christ may need to put on new shoes (spiritual disciplines) to force proper posture and walking techniques. Lace up, we have a long way to go until the end of the road. Boy, these new shoes sure feel weird.

mBT Web site: http://www.mbt-uk.com

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