I Have Nothing to Say

Tonight, I had the opportunity to speak to our youth group. Unlike most speaking engagements, I was at a loss for words. Usually, God gives me something profound to say. Tonight, I walked up there with a few ideas and one main message from God. The Almighty wanted me to get out of the way so He could speak directly to the youth.

For more than six weeks I have been agonizing over what I was going to say. Each time I found something which struck me, I asked God, “Is this it?” I kept on hearing nothing but static. As my time to speak approached, I started to get desperate. I was like, “Ok, God. What are You doing wrong?” I thought that I was heading for a speaking disaster. I didn’t want to just say anything. Sure, I could make something up. But I wanted to speak as the very oracle of God. I did not want to go without His blessing and guidance.

Suddenly, I realized a few nights before I was scheduled to speak that God’s silence contained a message. I just sat in my house and listened. I heard God say, “I don’t want you to speak a lot. I want you to say a few things and let Me to the rest.” God said that what these youth need is not information but intimacy. They need to own their faith not get it off the coattails of others.

Wow, why hadn’t I seen that in the first place? God gave me a few scriptures and few main points. Then the youth group leadership dismissed the youth to go seek God through the Word during the worship time. Some sang. Some read the Word. Some didn’t know what to do because the typical paradigm had been broken. Some found it difficult to focus on the Word and hear from God when surrounded by their friends and other youth. They could receive from God when in the quiet surrounding of their bedroom. You take them out into the world and it becomes easy to lose reception.

While this is normal, it illustrates just how hard it can be to walk in constant communion with God. This takes practice and discipline. Holding all thoughts captive can only be done as we submit to the power of the Holy Spirit.

The evening worked well as many youth received from God. My hope is that they can understand the joy awaiting those who will seek God’s truth and allow it to transform them. May the Bible come alive to each one of them. I believe the youth group as started a journey as a community. I can’t wait to see where God takes us from here if we will only let Him. Amen!

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