[I wrote the following at the last general session of the National Youth Workers Conference in Atlanta. The David Crowder Band was on the stage. The crowd was lost in worship, and I was struggling with so many conflicting ideas that I had been exposed to at the conference. I just had to sit down and write. So in the midst of a concert, I opened up my laptop and started to write what was going on inside of me.]

Help…information overload. As I think back about this conference, I am hit by so many different messages. Many are conflicting. Some seem to create complex paradoxes.

I understand how it feels to be the target of marketing. We do things for so many different reasons. From guilt to unspoken peer pressure, where is purity in motive? All I know to do is to stop and just ask the Spirit to lead me in all truth. Will the Spirit really help me know what is the best and what is garbage? While I know that the question is not what is truth but who is truth, why does this seem so hard to accept in a consumer-driven culture?

It’s a catch twenty two situation. First we say that we do not want to feel like we are being marketed to and we certainly are not going to sell God like some kind of product to be consumed. But how else will we reach people with the message when almost everyone is used to filtering most decisions through the consumer mindset?

Is it bad to borrow “best practices” from marketing, culture or psychology? Can we get in the way of what God wants to do by using too much human wisdom? Where does the Spirit begin and psychological manipulation stop? If all things are mine, how do I keep the good and leave the bad? In a world full of information overload, I need the Spirit to keep me from getting suffocating by the overwhelming onslaught of messages and questions.

Oh Lord, I need more of Your Spirit to guide me. Pump up the volume for the voices that I should be listening to, help me to know what to reject. May Your ways seem clear to me for I know that Your sheep know Your voice. Help me to be consumed by Your truth in life not the lies of the enemy. With all the noise blaring, let me be still in the inner most parts. I know that what I cannot do You can do. I submit to Your way. Incline my ears to Your words. May I walk on Your path despite the constant struggle going on inside of me. Amen!

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