Well That Changes Everything Doesn’t It?

The following thoughts and quotes came from the National Youth Workers Conference in Atlanta. These ideas are revolutionary. Be warned – read further at your own risk.

• “Are you teaching kids how to do the right things to get out of here? No wonder they are bored…It’s not how can I get into heaven but how can I bring heaven here. I don’t use the word evangelism because it sounds like some kind of disease and if you are in the church, it probably is…For Jesus, eternal life is not some day it is now. We are reclaiming God’s plan for the world.” – Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church, Nooma director

• “Your job is the relentless pursuit of who God made you to be, everything else is sin.” – Rob Bell

• “Evangelism is an invitation to a way of life that answers the deeper longings in my life not fire insurance.” –Ruth Haley Barton, author and speaker on spiritual transformation

• “A good journey begins with knowing where you are and being willing to go somewhere else…Truth is my quiet times were very busy.” – Ruth Haley Barton

• “We are asking the wrong questions. Instead of asking, “If you die tonight would you go to heaven or hell?”, we should be asking, “If you live for 30 or 50 more years, what kind of life would you live?” – Mike King of Youth Front

• “There are three requirements for relevance – content, presentation and context. You have to be aware of current felt needs. You have to elevate peoples’ awareness of their unfelt needs. You have to address their needs sin way they consider helpful. Consider these questions. What’s the question that I want them to want me to answer? How do I get them to beg me to answer the question I know they need someone to answer? – Andy Stanley, pastor North Point Church

• “God has a plan for this generation and the degree to which God will work depends on our willingness to obey Him.” – Steve Fitzhugh, former pro football player and inner city youth worker


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