Daily Archives: December 20, 2004

Ultimate Sorrow

“The most miserable person is not an unsaved person but someone who has tasted the goodness of God and has turned his back on God and is living in sin.”

-Michael Landon, a friend and fellow sojourner (No not the TV star)

This is so true. We never know what we are missing until we know what we are missing. The most tormented soul is the one who has been set free only to be chained again. Yet the most liberated soul is the one who has tasted of freedom again and again. Although it seems too good to be true, the good news of the Scriptures is that God freely provides second chances if we will only reach up to receive His forgiveness and deliverance.

The ultimate sin is rejecting God’s forgiveness and redemptive work on our behalf. Everything else can become merely a thing of the past.