Daily Archives: December 23, 2004

Is God Really Here?

Visit the linked picture before reading the meditation based on this image.

Garage ImageThe faint buzz of the florescent lights, the screech of cars on a lower level, the knawing blah of a hum drum, ordinary scene from life. Is God really there? Is God really there in a public parking deck at night? Or is God only in a rainbow or the sky on a sunny day?

There are a lot of major moments that have probably taken place in this garage. A couple have made out in their car. A woman was mugged while trying to get into her car. A parent and child had an argument over something petty. A stock broker sat in his car after being fired and tried to think what he would tell his family. Tons of people parked here while shopping for things they didn’t really need and two days after opening didn’t want. Each car tells a story.

Seeing this picture made me stop and realized how many times that God has been there all along but I have missed Him. I saw just a parking deck. But it is really a moment in time where God is there and wants me to recognize His hand, His presence, His very breath filling me. God actually likes my company and desires to be involved in everything.

Am I grasping for revelation? Am I just looking for something spiritual in plain picture? I don’t think so. Maybe I am just now starting to see clearly. God exists everywhere, including the ordinary things of life. I just have to choose to see Him.