Daily Archives: December 29, 2004


“We view Christianity as a set of facts that we are supposed to believe, instead of as a lifestyle we are supposed to engage in. So when we read scripture, we look for propositions to give our assent to, and completely miss the activities that Jesus did, over and over and over.” – Steve Bush, steve@reconstruction.us from Next Wave

Can we really divorce belief from action? Jesus asked if He would find faith on the earth when He returned again. While it can be real easy to say that we believe something, it can be very hard to actually act upon that belief. James’ letter makes the claim that faith without works is dead. You can say whatever you want. But your actions reveal what you truly believe.

I want to believe the words of Jesus and the doctrines described in the Bible. I mentally assent to them. I try to believe them, but somehow I tend to waver and fall back into the mindset described by Steve Bush. I can relate to the man who said to Jesus, “I believe. Help me with my unbelief.” Even our faith is a gift from God, because we are unable to truly believe apart from God’s work on our behalf. God gives us the strength and ability to trust Him and be the person He desires us to be.

My faith doesn’t have to be perfect. Neither do my actions. God has made provision for sin and faithlessness. There is always hope for those who fail in deeds yet hold to God’s truth. The only time we are really in trouble is when we stop getting up or start thinking that we are never wrong. God can always work with someone who is moldable even if there are lumps in the surface.

Rotten Apples

Rotten Apples
Proverbs 25:11

“A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.”

Oh, why do I tend to throw rotten apples at others instead of offer life giving words of encouragement? Lord, help me to understand my own sinfulness that I can truly receive your righteousness. Let me understand the depth of my depravity and the awesomeness of your salvation. For in me is no good thing, yet in the new me all things are made righteous by Your hand.