I want to apologize to all the Minor Prophets. I know that I may have offended some of you by my tirade during lunch in the Word today. I don’t truly hate any of you godly men. I am just frustrated by the genius of your work. I can’t seem to understand much of Zechariah. I struggle with a lot of the other books too. Hosea, bummer that you had to marry a loose woman. You were at lot more understanding than I would have been. Amos, you were much more than just a goat herder. Habakkuk, you ask some great questions.Obadiah, I didn’t mean to make fun of the size of your book. Even though it can be hard to find, it has some great insights for today. We can learn a lot from the example of what happened to Edom.

Forgive me for speaking out of turn. You guys are awesome. You challenge me that my journey in the Word will never be finished. Please don’t gang tackle me when I get to heaven. Ask Jonah, I’m really a nice guy once you get to know me.

Jeff, you better read this. Or else it won’t be as funny to the rest of my readers.


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