Daily Archives: September 2, 2006

What Is Reality?

“I mean that’s the whole thing. This country, we can’t even get the two political parties to agree on what reality is.” – Jon StewartWow, even reality is relative. Now that’s postmodern.

A Dangerous Faith

Philip Watkins, one of my closest brothers in Christ, recently wrote a college essay on Hezbollah and how their zeal although misguided shows how sold out real Christians should be for our faith. While reading the paper, I couldn’t help but think, ‘I have thought those same things while watching the TV coverage of the latest news from the Middle East.’Please do not misunderstand me. I am in no way encouraging suicide bombings, terrorism or Islam. I believe these are all rooted in lies. But you do have to appreciate the convictions of someone who will really give his life for what he believes to be right. The same can be said for many U.S. soldiers who are courageously fighting in Iraq or humanitarian aid workers who put themselves in harms way while serving the poor in Africa.

Here is my question. Why are so few Christians radically sold out for Jesus compared to the young Muslims who will do virtually anything for Allah? This is one of biggest concerns that I see facing the Church today. We don’t need any more good guys. We need dangerous young men and women of faith. But instead of blowing up buildings or killing people, we need to radically love and serve even our most bitter enemies. We need to be doing things that are so big the only way they will happen is by God’s intervention on our behalf.

Consider this quote from a recent issue of Youth Worker Journal, “If we lose kids to the culture o drugs and materialism, of violence and war, it will not be because we didn’t entertain them but because we didn’t dare them. It will not be because we have made the gospel too difficult but because we have made it too easy.” – Shane Claiborne of The Simple Way 

I agree with both Philip and Shane. We need a new holy war where the battles are fought on our knees and the victories are won by helping hands that melt hard hearts.

See Philip’s paper at http://web.mac.com/philipwatkins/iWeb/philip%20watkins/blog/DFEE639A-0F72-4ADE-AD13-EA48CD5506A4.html