Daily Archives: September 10, 2006

Life on Paper vs. Life in Reality

What actually happens in real life can be very different from what people envision on paper. I have found this to be true as people set out to establish standards or doctrines. As the fine details begin to work out, the entire system can collapse. Everyone judges the “rules” based on what best fits their needs. As a result, the standard loses any sense of standardization. It becomes simply an idea without any real meaningful place in society. People then talk about the standard and prop it up as significant when most people know it has very little real importance.

I have noticed this phenomena taking place in both the business and the religious worlds. Industries create standards and then spend lots of time trying to take advantage of them. People discover religious doctrine and then opt to ignore its practical ramifications. I am tired of playing paper dolls with truth and objectivity.

When will people get real?

Oh, I guess that I better start with myself.