Stuck in Suburbia

Sometimes I think that my life would be better and more pleasing to God if I just went away. I am talking about selling my house, moving to a poorer part of the world and living a minimalist life. This has a real attraction to people who become disillusioned with more when they find it meaning less and less each day. And while a change of setting may help spark some deep changes within me, a new address is not the real answer. My real problem is not where I live.

My real problem is the idolatry and soulish desires within me. These cannot be fixed my a mere chagne in location. No, these aspects of my life can only be transformed by a deep change within me. At the foot of the cross I will find deliverance from me for me.

The real answer is not to run from suburbia. Instead, God wants to redeem my heart while living in suburbia, a place that desperately needs the Good News found in Jesus alone. God is calling me to live intentionally in suburbia as a vibrant example of Christ’s light and love.

The more I travel the world, the more I sense my place at home in the USA. I especially desire to see those who “have it all” and are still hungry to find God’s best. That is why my next book hits on the topic of spiritual hunger. It should be out soon. I will release more information when it is available. Called Starving for Hunger, this new book hits on the deeper spiritual hunger within society today. And it points the way to Jesus as the source for what we all want most.

Dave Goetz, author of Death by Suburb, recently wrote, “I think to stay in the burbs and to thrive spiritually requires a continual mending of your life. It seems cliche to say, ‘You must be intentional,’ but there’s no other way to really say it.”

The key is more of God and less stuff, noise and distraction. Silence, meditation and to simply enjoy being in relationship with God are the paths to freedom and fulfillment.

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