Don’s Gems

Pastor Don Coleman, one of my fathers in the faith, recently spoke at a men’s gathering. Here are some gems from his passionate teaching. You lose something in the transcription because I have a hard time writing how Don sounds. 

But you should get the point. God has not called His children to live normal lives.

  • “You learn obedience through your personal relationship with God.”
  • “We want to move beyond doing nice stuff. Ultimately, our lives should lead people to Jesus.”
  • “We need to get beyond thinking that just because somebody irritates us that we have a right to treat them differently than everybody else. Where is that in the Bible?”
  • “Aren’t you tired of being normal? We are meant to live with a sense of destiny here and now.”
  • Jesus preached, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven. Those two things cannot be separated. Repent and living the kingdom way go together.”
  • “Instead of invite your unsaved friend to church, you need to invite them to encounter the living Jesus through your life in your home. Many times we take people to church because that is all we have or all we think God can use.”
  • “What does heaven look like? You had better know because we are supposed to bring heaven down to earth. How can you do that if you don’t know?”
  • “Focus on God, not on what everybody else is doing.”
  • ” I am starting to ask those who are close to me, ‘What are you hoping for?’
  • Don said that there comes a point where we have to decide what we believe about the Bible. He said that he was too dumb to do anything else but just accept what the Bible says. We have to learn how to hear what the Spirit is saying in the pages of the Word. Don said, “If I try to put this thing (the Bible) into my brain, it doesn’t compute anyway.”
  • “There are no nice people. We are all wicked, dead in sin. We all need to be saved even those who think they are nice people.”
  • “We better go after God like wild chicken eagle horses or we are done for!!”
  • Christians need to get serious and just start to “Believe something!!!”
  • “Flesh and blood can’t reveal to you what you need to know about God and His design for your life. You have to get that from God Himself.”
  • “We need to become like Jesus who said, ‘I must work the works of Him who sent me while it is day.’ Believers must get to the point where we will do only what God has called us to do no matter how crazy it sounds to other people.”
  • “Instead of witness for Jesus like He is some place else in another world and not relevant to today. We need to encounter God ourselves so that we become a witness to what God has done in our lives on this earth.”
  • “Many will settle for getting good information and to feel nice about themselves instead of undergoing real transformation.”
  • Don quoted Zechariah 8:23 which tells of people grabbing the hem of Jews’ garments and asking for their help because they know God is with the Jews. Don asked what it would look like if we lived in such relationship with God that people grabbed us and asked us to intercede on their behalf with God. What if people said to us, “We have heard that God is with you?”
  • “Christians must flow out of their destiny instead of simply just going to church and being religious.”

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