Being Who We Were Meant to Be

Are we being fake if we are who the Spirit tells us we are even if that is not how we feel or what we think at that moment?

God designed humans as three part beings. We are spirit, soul and body. The soul includes the will, emotions and intellect. A brother in Christ recently talked to me about feeling fake sometimes when he worships God through music. He said, “Sometimes I sing songs and think about how the lyrics don’t express how I feel. Then I start to think how fake I must seem to God. Then I start to wonder if that matters since worship is supposed to be about God no matter how I feel at the time.”

The above battle illustrates something I have fought for a while. I am not necessarily who my emotions or brain tells me that I am. My identity and reality in life first come from God’s Word and His Spirit. While my emotions and brain help me interact with God, these are not the source. God is the source.

The real me is not based on my feelings or what my I can understand with my brain. On any given day, there are a lot of things I do without thinking much about it. I cannot explain why I do a lot of the things that I do. I don’t know. Stuff happens, and I react. God is trying to take me to a place where my natural reaction is led by His Spirit.

ts that begins to happen, the real me is not based on my soul but my spirit. I may be completely fake to what my soul seems to feel or believe and be the most real me that I could ever be when I am living by my spirit empowered and guided by the Holy Spirit.

So when we are talking the real me – are we talking the solo me or the redeemed me? The best me of all is the redeemed me because it looks the most like God. 


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