4 Key ?: Do we have anything to hide?

Dirty little secrets have a way of haunting us. The thing that we are afraid of the most is people finding them out. But the thing that will bring real freedom is when our dirty little secrets get discovered. Then and only then can we face our issues and begin the road to recovery. Inner healing starts with accepting our brokenness.

 The notion of the good Christian person who doesn’t struggle with sin is a myth. Even the Apostle Paul said that he struggled with temptation. He said that frequently he did the things he didn’t want to do and didn’t do what was right.

Being transparent and having people that we can trust with our stuff are keys to dealing with secret sins. Is there anything in our lives we don’t want known?

Arnie Klein of Emmaus Way discussed hidden sin in the teaching mentioned in the previous post. He said, “The Lord made it clear to me that as I accepted myself, that He would be able to change me. As long as I rejected myself as though blaming or condemning myself, what would end up happening is that I wouldn’t let the light hit my sin.”

He concluded, “Only what comes into the light becomes light.”


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