Scam Scum

As I journalist, I sometimes get an opportunity to write about unusual things. Over the last two week I have had the opportunity to report on a scam taking place in the pallet industry. The scam artist tried to get companies to pay for transit costs to a fake shipping company. The bait was that the scammer offered to pay via credit card so the company thought it already had its money. When the card went through, the pallet company would be tempted to ship the pallets and possibly even pay the shipping costs.

The scam artist used stolen credit card information. Obviously, any company that bit on the deal would lose out. Any charges on the stolen credit cards would be charged back. Not only does this show the danger of credit cards in the Information Age, it also indicates how many people are conducting fraud across international borders. The bank accounts involved appear to trace back to Africa. At this point, nobody has come forward as having fallen for the scam. This makes me wonder why somebody would go to so much effort for so little profit. That’s a lot of wasted time.

You can read more about the scam at

If you want to read how sometimes the good guys pull one on scammers. Read this link sent to me by a friend. It will make you laugh….a lot.

One response to “Scam Scum

  1. Hello,
    I have a question about explore talent (and its many various and sundry tags – i.e.-;;, etc. etc.)
    I’m a musician and apparently there have been more complaints from models and actors/actresses. I still think they’re a waste of money. I, too, was suckered by their “free trial membership”. But to be fair, I figured I’d give it a month. After 28 days of submitting to ‘roles’ for which I knew I was well qualified, I didn’t receive one call or email inviting me to audition. Equally important is, I was denied access to the contact info for people with whom I was interested in auditioning. In other words, even after becoming a member, I still couldn’t call or send an email to the groups for which I wanted to audition. I cancelled my membership, yet they still billed me for a 2nd month. After I called, left a nasty message and sent an angry email demanding they cancel me, I received confirmation my account was cancelled (even though they were begging with offers of this that and the other, I still said “HELL NO”! I can be short on work by myself, I don’t need to pay somebody to keep it that way!
    That was about 2 years ago. I don’t have a credit card. I had them deduct the $ from my checking acct. electronically. What’s really odd is, to this day, I still receive weekly emails from them containing a list of “matched roles”. I since have closed my checking acct and have reopened another. From what I can tell by reviewing my bank statements, there haven’t been any deductions from my acct by this outfit. I’ve been assured my subscription is free. I just want to keep it that way. Do anyone know if, by chance they use a different name or tag, when they deduct $ from your acct?

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