Who are you?

Your answer to that question means everything. If you think of yourself as a sinner, you will likely see yourself through your faults. If you think of yourself as a saint, you will have the faith to fight the temptations of this life. You will realize that the victory has already been won. All you have to do is believe it.

All too often Christians let themselves be defined by their past not the power of the Gospel or their identity in Jesus Christ. Once someone accepts the life of Jesus and becomes a Christian, we are no longer defined by our old identity. We take on a new nature, a new identity, a new reason to live. From the inside out, we are changed.

We are who God says we are. Jesus called us his brothers and sisters. Father God called us His children. We are a new creation, the workmanship of God. We have value because God says so. We are victorious because Jesus has crushed the enemy and has given God’s people authority.

We are not getting closer to God. We are simply realizing how close we are to Jesus. Instead of focus on our sin, God desires that His children put their attention on Him. In those moments, we experience deep love and are changed.

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