Dying to Live

245 people will be killed today for their belief in Jesus

What are you living for?

Pastor Carter recently said in a sermon, “What we need to learn in the church is how to practice dying.”

He’s right. The call to follow Jesus is an invitation to life through death. Wow, what a paradox.

Today, if you are the praying kind, I invite you to take a few minutes to pray for those who are behind bars or have been oppressed for the cause of Christ.  

Jesus, let Your  peace rest on those who are oppressed for Your name. Give them strength. Bring them to my remembrance. Provide for their families out of Your bounty. Help me to know how I can make a difference in loving the persecuted Church. 

May those around the world in bonds for the Gospel, shine as a bright light and show love to those who have done wrong to them. Turn the hearts of their captors to You. May Your power through love show its might even against the coldest heart. Bring freedom to the captives. Be glorified in earth as in heaven.


For more information on the persecuted Church visit www.persecution.com

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