The American society has become obsessed with fame. This seems especially true about the youth culture. I noticed this as I talked about the popularity of American Idol with some friends from my church fellowship.

The other day I had the opportunity to see the season premiere of this popular music talent show. It was only my second time to see the show in the six seasons it has been on the air. And it was my largest dose of “reality” TV ever.

Wow – there must be a lot of “unique” people in Seattle. You would think that more people would have self awareness or at least honest friends. I couldn’t figure out why so many people liked the show or would stand in long lines to audition. My friends said that everybody wants to be famous. Their son said that was especially true for everyone he knew at his high school.

At first, I thought, ‘Well, I don’t really want to be famous.’ But then I remembered a conversation the other day where I admitted one of my struggles with writing was the reality that I would probably never be the next Philip Yancey or C.S. Lewis. Part of me craves fame just like the would-be idols on the TV show.

I believe our desire for fame results from a number of factors. We all like to be noticed. This connects with our struggle for identity and acceptance. Fame is usually followed by money or the ability to make a living doing something other than the typical job. It can be easy to think that famous people have it made. But fame brings with it a number of limitations and challenges.

The human heart also desires fame because we all struggle with pride and idolatry. Frequently, we desire fame because we are jealous of what others have.

Jesus, change my heart. May I desire to make You famous. May I accept your love and affirmation as all I need. Guide me that I can know how to live for Your glory and nothing more. Purify my desires and my sense of what is important. Make me like You because You become of no reputation to save even those who rejected You. Amen!

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