Daily Archives: January 28, 2007

Into Thy Hands, Lord

Kneeling before thee, Lord, I am praying, claiming a closer communion with thee, longing to sever from selfish ambition. Break thou each fetter and set my soul free.

Into thy hands, Lord, take me and mold me, even as the potter handles the clay. Make me a vessel fit for thy service. Cleanse me and fill me, and use me today.

Fruitless has been the way of my choosing. Now I am leaving the future with thee. Treading the pathway of joyful obedience. Lord, see me ready thy servant to be.

Not in my own strength can I accomplish. All thou art planning for me, day by day. Owning the limit of human endeavor, humbly I seek, Lord, the grace to obey.

-Jessie Mountain (1895-1981)  from The Song Book of The Salvation Army