Doing the Same Ole Thing

People and even institutions tend to get stuck in ruts. These well-worn grooves can easily turn into a prison not a smooth ride down familiar territory. It can be hard to get out of these habits once a pattern is established. People don’t like to risk the unknown or untried. But this fear can keep people from experiencing a break through.

These thoughts have been rolling around in my head as I look at what we do in churches today, including my current fellowship. Why do so few people seem changed by the message from week to the next? How many reall good sermons can anyone remember? Do these message secretly get down into our inner psyche and pop up at just the right time? Or are these good ideas and inspiring stories that get lost in the deep space between our ears?

Last year Next Wave carried an article called The Problem with Preaching. A number of the points I disagree with although I found that the article raised many good questions including those I have considered for years. Christian leaders need to evaluate what we are doing to see if it is working. I am not talking about working from the standpoint of pleasing people and keeping the seats filled. No, I am talking about the ability of church experiences to foster real transformation, outreach and worship.

Consider reading the article at

I’ll share my thoughts on this issue later in the week. What do you think?

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