AXE to Grind

After a recent trip, I found a bottle of AXE cologne/body wash in my house. I had allowed a group of teens/young adults to crash at my house while they were in town doing ministry. I happened to be away at the time. When I returned home, I found a bottle of AXE Snake Peel in my shower.

Curious, I looked at it and turned the bottle over to read the back label. No wonder this stuff is so popular with the teenage guys. The label showed a silhouette of a guy with his arms around two very shapely women. The message was clear. Wear this stuff, and you’ll attract lots of ladies.

The back label read –  “Snake Peel: Experience the AXE effect – May result in, but not limited to, unrelenting female attention and/or late nights.”

The first ingredient is water. This stuff is just soap. Sure, it has a really strong smell. But it won’t really turn a dud into a stud.  This product is marketed by Unilever, a major corporation. Unilever makes everything Hellmann’s mayonnaise and Slim-Fast shakes. And I doubt it has really discovered the secret to a women’s heart although the company has seemed to develop a formula to make a lot of money off teenage guys willing to pay extra for AXE products.

The stuff is really strong, which is a plus for teenage guys who tend to sweat and may need extra odor protection.

 A Washington Post article by Robin Givhan stated that Axe’s presence has become unavoidable. It has become a dominant brand in the men’s deodorant market.

Axe is not merely a deodorant meant to be rolled on sparingly, it is meant to be sprayed all over the body with the exuberance that might be used to apply Deep Woods Off! during mosquito season.

Unilever has spent more than $100 million advertising AXE. The message of that advertising has essentially focused on one idea: Wear AXE, get the girls. Not just one girl, but many, many girls. Because there is nothing like playing to a young man’s insecurities when it comes to the ladies, AXE has been a tremendous success.

I find  it interesting that a generation that is supposed to be so media and marketing savvy has been duped by a soap manufacturer.

The thing that really bothers me is the underlining message about women. AXE plays up to the worst instincts of immature boys. Young women are not love toys that boys are to enjoy by collecting the whole set. Women should be respected for their value as individuals made in God’s image. Lust is never a good motivation, and the values behind AXE are not godly.

Sure, it’s just soap unless your motives for using it are something other than holy. Then it could be considered sin. Do I have an AXE to grind? Maybe I do. All I know is that I think the stuff stinks in more ways than one.


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