[If only] vs. [But since]

It can be real easy to focus on what could have been. Many people daydream only to discover a major obstacle standing in the way. We tend to look at our limitations instead of see the possibilities. We think, “If only this…., if only that….”

Jesus did not live based on “if only” considerations. Neither does He call us to live that way. We are supposed to live out of a position of surety and strength.

Jesus lived based on a “but since” basis. Since He was loved and affirmed by God, the Father. Since He knew the glory of heaven. Since He had a clear call and understanding of His purpose. Since He saw us on the other side of the cross. Since He loved and trusted God. Since He was God.

Today, Christians are called to live on the same basis. Since we are perfectly loved, completely known and understood, divinely equipped, and called to be sons of God, what are we waiting for?

Maybe we just need to discover that life is found only through a “but since” perspective not “if only” questions.

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