A Life Worth Living

Should we really live for God? I am beginning to think that is not such a good idea.

Ok, before you stone me, consider what this looks like in your life. If you are Christian, you may discover how ungodly this “living for God” can be.

Turn off the screen, walk away from the computer and think about it for a moment. Then come back and read the rest of this entry to see why I made such a “brash” statement.

Ok, welcome back.  

Pastor Don Coleman, one of my spiritual mentors, talked to me about something better than just living for God. He said that this can still be far less than what God desires. This allows us to live the life that we think seems best and try to involve God in it or to somehow dedicate it to God.

God wants more than just His name put to our plans. God desires to work in His people. Ultimately, God wants to be Lord of everything. He wants to call the shots and direct us to His best plan. More than simply dedicate our work to God, He wants to do His work in and through us. Instead of living our lives for God, maybe the better reality is to surrender everything to God and to live the life that God truly wants us to live. The big difference between the two lifestyles is where we get our direction and where our focus is. The difference may be subtle, but it can have a major impact.  

Here’s a major point to consider. It is impossible to live the life that God wants for you unless you stop to listen and sense His direction.

God may be asking, “Do you hear me now?”

4 responses to “A Life Worth Living

  1. Maybe we need to re-think the old bumperstickers that read, “Jesus is my Co-Pilot”?

  2. I would like to suggest just forgetting about the God myth completely. After living 35 years as a Christian, I finally quit deluding myself that there is anyone out there. The sense of freedom and mental health is truely amazing. I whole heartedly recommend it

  3. To John K. I don’t understand what you are saying.You state that you have lived 35 years as a Christian…and now you are dismissing Christianity as a myth?What ever led to that decision? God is there…God is here. Feelings will not support that…but, faith will.

  4. I totally agree with John K!
    Furthermore: It is nice to be always responsible for the good things happening to the humans, isn’t? What about the horrors in this world? Is this really the persons own choice? I believe after seeing and living those horrors done to people, animals etc., that there is no punishment. And if there is one after life, quite frankly I don’t care anymore!
    Another theme: A lot of faithfuls (whatever religion/faith) try to live a decent (most often a painful live with very few short moments of joy) for going eventually to paradise. Well let’s apply rational thinking: If there is such a paradise, then please why do we try to save lives by any means? And then destroy it again!?

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