Daily Archives: April 7, 2007

Trying to Remember

Have you ever stopped and tried to think about what you can remember from childhood? It’s kind of strange the things that we can remember. Some things just seem to linger either because they were novel, scary, exciting, unpleasant, really good or just downright weird.

If you have never tried this experiment, it’s fun. See what you can come up with.

Here are some of my memories… for better or for worse:

  • Trying to kiss Jennifer Valent in kindergarten and getting in trouble for it.
  • The day in kindergarten that the teacher told me that I could sing. I never thought I could until that moment.
  • Speech therapy classes and my fight to overcome a bad stuttering problem. My parents prayed for me and I got better. For a while, it was horrible because kids made fun of me a lot. 
  • My mother’s incredible cooking. Her constant prayers for me. 
  • When I discovered that I couldn’t see the blackboard clearly, I knew it meant one thing – glasses. Oh, the horror! 
  • The day my dad mistakingly gave me vinegar to drink for lunch. He thought it was apple juice.
  • Playing on the bunker in the woods. We had great battles back near the creek.
  • Getting attacked by a drug-crazed motorcyclist who assaulted me, my mom and my grandmother.
  • Leroy – my imaginary friend in second grade. He was a big black guy who I thought was my guardian angel.
  • The night that I went downstairs and saw my brother smashing all of his records. I think he re-dedicated his life to Jesus that night. 
  • Taking a dump in my back yard and then getting a spanking for it.
  • The day that I asked Jesus into my heart at GABC.
  • Winning the Christian character award at school and then feeling jealous of another student. 
  • Getting “10 thousand yuan” from my parents after a trip. I thought that I was rich and was planning what I would buy with my wealth. I was devasted when my parents told me it was worth about two bucks.
  • Going to Bush Gardens with Granny and Gramps.
  • Playing capture the flag in recess.
  • A major fight with my dad that caused him to lock himself in his room and cry. I had never felt so bad in my entire life.
  • Getting kicked in the privates during a recess soccer game. To this day, I hate soccer. It took me minutes to catch my breath.
  • Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Carter, Mr. Shelar, Mr. Sawaya – my best teachers growing up.
  • Carter Gate’s sermon on James 3. The only sermon that I remember from my childhood because I thought God had written the chapter just for me.
  • Running away from home because my parents wouldn’t let me watch TV. I didn’t get very far, just the neighbor’s dog house. I talked to their dog for hours and then went home when I got cold.
  • The day that I was baptized in church. That was my first sermon.
  • Trading baseball cards and getting a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie.
  • Using the word “Pussy” at my “Christian” school and getting in trouble for it.
  • Snoopie – my dog. He stank all the time. But he was lovable.
  • Wining my first Ranger of the Year competition in Royal Rangers.
  • Playing bed football with my dad.
  • My mother telling me that God would make sure that I always get caught when I lie after getting caught cheating on a test. I never cheated again.
  • Getting attacked by a ravenous dog, and my brother coming to the rescue.
  • Playing sick when my parents were out of town and getting out of school for one day. Sorry Hazie. I shouldn’t have done that.
  • Getting mono and being out of school for two weeks in middle school.
  • Numerous crushes on girls throughout middle school. Names withheld to protect the innocent.
  • Incredible Christmas mornings thanks to my mom.
  • As a child being in the Master’s Plan, a major theatrical production put on at the Carpenter Center.
  • My brother’s green camaro. He let me ride in it once I think. That was the bomb!  
  • Sleep walking and ending up downstairs with a class of milk and half eaten sandwich. Honest, I don’t remember a thing between going to bed and waking up downstairs.
  • Hiking trips with Royal Ranger outpost, especially the long trips. 
  • Going to my first concert with my big brother. It was Degarmo and Key, the ultimate 1980s rock experience.
  • Backyard football at Eric’s house.
  • The day my brother cut his finger off. My mother and I prayed while my dad took Scott to the ER.
  • Gary Redus of the Pirates signing autographs for ALL of the fans at the Diamond.
  • Faking speaking in tongues at a Royal Ranger camp.
  • Meeting Ozzie Smith, my baseball hero.

High school…. some things I try not to remember. 🙂