Recent Thoughts

  • CNN recently carried a show about Christianity. It was titled, “What is a Christian?” I have recently thought that a better title is “Who is Jesus?” Too often people focus on people of a faith not the God that they worship. For Christians, we worship Jesus. He is the center of the faith. The people are only fragile vessels.
  • Today a co-worker talked about a godly women who told her the following wise saying, “Expectations are usually a premeditated resentment.” I am still thinking about that gem of insight.
  • Last weekend, Jim Patterson gave a great comment about formulas and Christianity. He said, “It’s only a formula if you try to repeat it.”
  • Jim Pociluyko talked recently about meditating on the concept of what it was like in the world in the days of Noah. Everyone was feasting, doing what they wanted to know, there was no sense of morality or fear of judgement. People mocked Noah and did not believe God’s warning of sudden doom. Most people lived faithless lives. Then the rains came. Jim mentioned this concept and connected it with prophecy that warns in the later days people will be like it was during the time of Noah. That’s a scary thought. There always does seem to be a calm before the killer storm.
  • “There are two essential problems with believing God is somebody He isn’t. The first problem is that it wrecks your life, and the second is that it makes God look like an idiot.” – Donald Miller from Searching For God Knows What
  • Thoughts from The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis – Prayers which have no reference point in the real world are just words. We can easily put spiritual practices, such as prayer, in one compartment, and never let them influence our ordinary lives. This creates disconnect because everything is spiritual. For example, peace on earth begins with patience toward the annoying tone or look of someone else at our job or in our household. 
  • More thoughts from Screwtape, prayer is not about emotion. Prayer is simply wasting time with God. It doesn’t always produce easily measurable results. It’s true value can seem elusive, especially if we don’t get what we want. Prayer is not always pleasant because sometimes we see through prayer the truth that we have been working hard to avoid. It can puncture our illusion of control.

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