Prayer for VA Tech

Oh Lord, may you comfort a stunned nation due to the tragedy at Virginia Tech today. For those in Blacksburg, especially victims of the shootings, may you work miracles to restore what was intended for evil. Guide the hands of the medical professionals and authorities as they bring aid, comfort and protection. May any victims who are struggling to make it receive complete healing that no more would die in this massacre.

For all those who are physically Ok but shaken in their soul, may you speak words of love and strength. Free them from mind games that could make the situation worse. Guide them in grief and allow them to process through what could be very confusing. In times of great tragedy, we know that you are there.

At a loss for words, we contact those we love. Overjoyed to hear that many are safe, we mourn for those who have been slain. It’s a mix of feelings that is hard to explain.

For all the families who have lost loved ones, there are no easy answers. There is a deep sense of loss and shock. It will take time to recover. We are encouraged that you not time can heal all wounds.

As a nation that wants quick answers, may we be patient to support our leaders and pray for those seeking to reduce the likelihood that this would ever happen again. Help us to unite behind a common vision to see our society become a place where we don’t result to violence to “solve” our problems. Free us from the lies of  the evil one who wants to rob us of life, joy and peace.

Jesus release a great outpouring of your healing power to Blacksburg and this country. Use your Church to be your hands and feet. May we all realize that no one is ever guaranteed tomorrow. Use this tragedy to bring hope and your life to those who desperately need it. Help us to grow from this experience and to become stronger through adversity. Be glorified in this tragedy. May we rest in the healing of your wings. Amen!

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