Escape Hatch Decisions

The last few months of my life have been marked by transition and key decisions. It can be easy to toss back and forth between various opinions when it comes to major choices in our lives. We like to know for sure things are going to work out as we imagine they should. But God does not always follow our script. And He frequently likes for us to know only as much as we need to know because it can be easy for us to get carried away if we know too much.

The process of thinking through various situations although necessary can easily make us double-minded and unstable in all that we do. The enemy loves to keep us guessing and wondering about the future. “What If” must be Satan’s favorite game. And we tend to be the unaware contestants.

One of my spiritual mentors, Pastor Don Coleman, told me a few months ago that he was concerned about one main thing as I related my process to him. He said that I should make a decision and stick with it. He said that it sounded like I was deciding to do something in one breath and the next I was talking about possible exit strategies in case the path did not work out. I was always trying to have an exit strategy. But this means that I am trying to orchestrate things instead of listen to God and rely on His power to accomplish whatever needs to happen.

Don was not saying that changing my mind or going down a different path in the future is wrong. But he wanted me to be certain in my decisions in the moment. He said that I was mature enough in my walk with God that I should be able to confidently make a decision and trust the results up to God. If things changed and it became clear that I should zig instead of zag, then that is OK. But I should not do something while eyeing the escape hatch the entire time. That is faithlessness.

Many times I have found myself making decisions without walking confidently in those paths. This only causes unnecessary problems.

Do you suffer from the same condition? Maybe you need to lock yourself in so that you can’t escape, throw Jesus the keys, and tell him to drive where ever He thinks is best. I find myself doing that on regular basis because some days I manage to find the escape hatch despite my best efforts to stay out of God’s way.

I find comfort in this one Scripture. Proverbs 16:9 says, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.”

It is a great thing to know that no matter what you do, God is still in control. We can beat ourselves up about our mistakes and miss the fact that God works through our failures as much or more than our triumphs.

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