Everyday Jesus

A friend and brother in the Lord recently challenged me to go have a quiet time with God in a public place, such as a mall, coffee shop, etc. I wasn’t sure why this Christian brother did this. He made this request of everyone on a particular mission team.

I was glad that I did it. My reading and meditation focused on Exodus 19 & 20. It is interesting that when God gave Moses the 10 Commandments, the masses were not allowed near Mount Sinai. They had to keep their distance or die. Today, we have immediate access to God. He places His Spirit in the hearts of all true Christians. This is an amazing reality to grasp. If we can experience God through everyday life, then that changes how we look at life.

Below is a meditation that I wrote while at the mall food court trying to to fulfill my friend’s challenge. I hope it encourages you.

 Everyday Jesus

I close my eyes. What do I hear? Kids playing, food frying. People buying the next big purchase or an afternoon meal. Soft music plays in the background. The occasional screech of sneakers on the floor. A baby cries out.

It can be hard to listen to God with so much noise around. Life tends to be a lot like this moment. My mind plays tricks on me, and I wonder if people are looking at me because I am not doing what you would expect to see someone do in a food court.

I shake my head and remember why I am here – to be with God. Oh, why is it so hard to be with God in a mall? Why does my heart and mind rush so quickly from His presence?

I open my eyes to see a world of good distractions and know that I all too often pick the good over God’s best. Yet strangely I feel at peace. I hear God gently whisper that He understands me and loves me as I am because He fashioned me from birth.

God wants me to see His glory here as much as in a private time. Everything that people are enjoying around me are a sign of God’s blessing. He makes food taste good. God designed the family to nurture a young soul. God created light to show His love in creation. And He gave us the ability to do commerce so that our daily needs are met. From beauty to relationships, all good things come from God.

Each breath is a divine act of His provision. Every good thing we do reflects His design and image. God can be seen in the little things of life just as much as a major miracle.


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