Daily Archives: September 2, 2007

Jesus and Leadership

Jason Upton (http://www.jasonupton.net/com/) has put out a series of teaching CDs. One that I recently picked up covers Jesus and leadership. Jason questions the wisdom of viewing Jesus as our CEO. He makes some great points about why this analogy just doesn’t work.

For starters, Jesus is not replaceable. There is never anyone any better, smarter or more loving. He will not down size you just to make a buck. He is not scared about what others say about Him. He is not a people pleaser.  Unlike corporate CEOs that have to worry about public perception and a company’s stock price, Jesus is only concerned with pleasing His Father. Jesus modeled for us freedom in leadership. He understood that you can never really please the people for long. Eventually, they will turn on you. The crowds turned on Jesus and He is and was perfect.

Jason said, “Jesus never created a mission statement, but He knew who He was.”

Jesus’ mission was wrapped up in His character and communion with God.  And while there may be nothing wrong with having a clear mission, sometimes we lose sight of who we are even if we think that we have a concrete mission statement. You can read all the self-help books in the world and know every leadership principle taught by John Maxwell or other mgt. gurus, but if you don’t know Jesus, everything else is meaningless…a chasing after the wind. Without Jesus, you can’t truly know yourself or God’s design for your life.

Beyond cleansing us from our past, Jesus sets us free to live outside the slavery of sin. Too often even great leaders today get shipwrecked by their soulish desires and fears. Jesus brings peace and a sound mind to know how to fight even the unseen enemies. He never got worried or anxious in dealing with demons. Neither should Christians.

Getting to the core of the issue, Jason asked, “How can you live for Jesus if you don’t really know Him?”

At the end of the day, I guess that is the real question. It is not what we do or who we are. The real secret to our success lies in who we know.  

Do you know my King?