Go For It!

“…why not live it up, take the risk and do the thing that you’re supposed to do.”
-From 10 mph, a documentary film about a group of friends who travel across the country on Segways                              http://www.10mph.com/

The above quote is the last line of 10 mph. I recently viewed this interesting documentary about two friends who left their posh corporate life for the adventure of the open road. They dared to be creative and travel the country at 10 mph, the maximum speed for the Segway.

Their journey brought them in touch with many different type of people and a lot of unforgettable situations. They slowed down enough to see that the American dream isn’t always what people think it is. They battled through rough weather, exhaustion and financial troubles to find many good-natured people who were willing to help along the way.

At first they didn’t find much support. Once they took the leap to begin their long road trip, support came from some unlikely places. Even some of the companies that said “No” at first were willing to support them once the buzz started.

Road trips are something that I believe everyone should try to do at least some time in their lives. There is nothing like going where the road takes you and seeing what happens when you get there. That drive and pioneer spirit is what has made this country great. We have lost that in our modern world where too many people just settle. Sure, there are some great adventures still out there. But too many people sit mesmerized by “reality” TV instead of living a life worth writing about.

Some of my greatest memories are of road trips and adventures where I had no idea where I was going. It can be fun to just go for it. I don’t know what that means for you. My challenge is going back to school.

What’s yours? And are you ready to just go for it?

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