Conspiracy Theory

“I’m with the government, and I’m here to help you.”

As a kid, I used to believe that. Then, I started working as a journalist and reported on many cases of government mismanagement and abuse of power. The government is made up of people. They are fallen creatures just like the rest of us. The only difference is that they carry a badge or have an important sounding title.

This is not a post about revolt, revolution or rebellion. I believe that we should do exactly what Jesus said. He called His followers to honor the authorities and submit to them while working to bring the values of the Kingdom of God to earth. Ultimately, our allegiance as Christians belongs to God. But that doesn’t mean we have the right to ignore the secondary authorities that God has established. Only when those authorities come in conflict with God’s values do we have a responsibility to act.

Yesterday I got together with a few friends to have a conspiracy theory night where we watched videos and films about many contemporary issues. From food and biotechnology to taxes and world economic policy to 9-11 and the military, we saw more than we wanted to see. If even one tenth of that stuff is accurate, it is enough to make even the most die-hard skeptic sick to their stomach.

Here’s a quick rant. Nobody should be able to patent nature, including little additions made to it. Monsanto… This is God calling and I want my intellectual property rights back. Or else the consequences could be “Dire.”

Maybe the best crops are those that grow naturally not the Frankencorn that some brainiac develops in a test tube. I haven’t visited my neighborhood produce market in a while. I think I may start shopping there.

Taxes. Ugh! I am perfectly willing to pay my fair share. But I had a few issues with IRS policy this week. Then I hear from a documentary that there is no federal law or constitutional requirement for citizens to pay income taxes. It is all based on a misreading of the 16th amendment and some lower court jurisprudence. Wow, if that is true, the federal government has some explaining to do.

Why was the federal government so slack in bringing relief supplies to Katrina victims, yet one of the first things the National Guard did was go in and remove weapons from law abiding citizens?

Why is the Federal Reserve a private bank? Why is its inner workings so secret?  

Ike, one of the last five star generals, warned the country about the military industrial complex as he left the Oval Office. Years later, his words seem quite prophetic.

I could go on and on. Here are some interesting documentaries to watch. I don’t blindly trust anything in these documentaries. But they cause you to ask some good questions.

My recommendation is that you abide by the old saying, “Trust but verify.”

Food, Intellectual Property and Bio Tech issues

Economic Policy & Taxes

Why We Fight – U.S. War Machine

The Corporation – Look into evils of MNCs

2 responses to “Conspiracy Theory

  1. please see you will see photos of who and where bin laden and his networks are …


  2. If only you knew more than what those videos and such that you watched show.

    Friend that is why Jesus said we should lay up treasures in heaven. It is also why The Bible says we are to view ourselves as pilgrims here on this earth. For truly, the power that rules this world is becoming more and more overt rather than covert.

    My only advice is that you ask God to peel back the veil of perception and give you the sight to see just how far the rabbit hole goes so to say.

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