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Call to Prayer

While in Morocco this summer, I learned about a worldwide prayer movement aimed at lifting up Muslims around the world. This is a Christian prayer effort to pray for Muslims as they are going about their mid-day Friday prayers.

Friday prayers (Jumma in Arabic) is the most important community prayer activity of the week for Muslims around the world. This is a great time to intercede for those who do not understand the true spirit of Islam. All you have to do is take some time around noon on Friday to stop and pray. You could spend a few minutes or even an hour to pray for the millions of Muslims who need to hear the Christian Gospel.

Jesus loves Muslims as much as anyone. In my travels, I have heard stories about many Muslims coming to Christ through visions and dreams. The Gospel is going forth throughout the entire world. This is an exciting time!

Will you join me in praying for Muslims? A good place to learn about prayer needs and find resources for understanding how to minister to Muslims is the Center for Ministry to Muslims (www.cmmequip.org).

Will you answer the call to prayer?


I have compiled a list of my favorite Web sites, online resources, preachers, devotionals, prayer guides, etc. This guide deals with the study of Scripture and living a Christian life.

Inclusion does not mean that I condone everything these gifted people have said or done. Please test everything and judge it according to the Scriptures. I do hope this guide helps you find some quality resources in a very large Web world.

If you have any site or resource that you would like to share with me, please email me at chaille @organicfaith.com.

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