Daily Archives: November 1, 2007

What Does It Mean to Be Saved?

Sometimes we used words like “Saved” in church so much that we forget what it means. What does it mean to be saved? What are we saved to? What are we saved from?

There is so much more to being a Christian than any of us have ever imagined. So many so-called Christians accept a cheap, lifeless salvation. They think of it as getting an access card to heaven. I like to think of it as an invitation to the most incredible way to live. It is like getting the assignment of a lifetime Mission Impossible style.

We have all heard the preacher who presents the Gospel by asking, “If you were to die tonight, do you know if you would go to heaven?” The problem is that most of us don’t think we are going to die any time soon. This is especially true if you are under 30.  Maybe the better question is what if you were to live 40-65 more years, how do you know that your life would make a difference and ripple throughout history?

All too often we ask the wrong questions and subsequently many people don’t care about our answers. The Gospel is about bringing the Kingdom of God to earth. It is as much about the here and now as the afterlife.

The Gospel is something that becomes more relevant not less as we mature in the Christian faith. A well-known preacher, John Piper, once said, “You never, never, never outgrow your need for the Gospel.”

No man will ever sit on the judgment seat. Jesus Christ will decide who is accepted into God’s Kingdom. But that doesn’t mean that everyone will be there. The key question seems to be, “Do you know Jesus Christ and does He know you?”