Daily Archives: November 29, 2007

The High Cost of Serving Jesus

Wanted: True Disciples

Fakers need not apply although all truly repentant sinners are welcome. No overly qualified candidates may apply. It will cost you everything because it cost me more than you could ever imagine. 

Are you looking for a position with incredible advancement opportunities? Do you like to serve others and live for something bigger than just your own appetites? Do you want to change the world? If so, you were made for this job.

This is not a fast-paced, performance-driven environment. Instead it is a slow, deep process that will completely unleash your internal, God-given potential. You will be expected to leave all behind for this post. But you will gain more than you had to let go.

You will be provided all the tools you need to succeed. This includes divine power to do more than you could naturally do on your own.

Your worth in this enterprise is measured by your value as a person not output. Strong performance will be rewarded although it is not a necessity for acceptance. You will discover a whole new reality through this experience and will join a grass roots group of radical determined to love and disciplined enough to ignite a revolution. 

This is the toughest job that you will ever love. Oh, and it’s not a job, it’s a calling.


I think that may the message that Jesus would post up in your church if He were to use a flyer to recruit new disciples. My previous blog entry, described the discipleship void in most churches today. It included a number of comments by Charles Crabtree, a leader with the national Assemblies of God. Crabtree said that churches have missed the mark by teaching and calling people to something less than complete abandonment and surrender to Christ. We are called to love Jesus more than our life and anything else we would hold dear.

Crabtree wrote, “I believe the Assemblies of God (insert denomination name here) needs to send out this message: The High Cost of Serving Jesus.” Do you know what will happen? People will come by the millions to a cause that is bigger than their own lives. If we soft-soap the gospel and get by with lackadaisical discipleship, our young people are not going to be interested in something that is not challenging. It is time to confront; it is time to challenge and offer an alternative lifestyle – a life of surrender to Christ.

Crabtree also wrote, “Repentance is not a negative concept. It opens the door to living a new life full of divine power and blessing, but for a reason – to live the Christian life, not just to hear about it.”

Pointing at reason for apathy in churches, Crabtree said it stemmed from the fact that most people don’t plan to do one thing about what they hear in church. Why go through the religious motions if you aren’t going to let God change you?

The gospel is messy. It is costly. It is something that will forever ruin you for ordinary life. It calls us to something beyond our wildest dreams. At the same time, it requires a surrender that should scare us to death. We all need to die so that we can live anew in Christ.

Are you willing to accept the high price that was paid for your freedom? Are you willing to follow Jesus and truly count the cost of being a disciple? These are tough questions that need more than an answer. They need a commitment.


While in meditation and silent prayer recently, I used the word “Home” as the key to help me center focus back on Jesus.

After my time of prayer I came to since that this concept of “Home” is critical for my spiritual progression in God’s family. Jesus as our home means that we can find a place of rest, identity, acceptance and love no matter where we are or what is going on in our lives.

These are some ways that Jesus reminds me of home…

Home is a place where you are free to be you. No makeup or putting on a face for anyone. Our identity is wrapped up in our home and the relationships that take place there. Our sense of home indicates our emotional health.

Intimate, private things occur in our homes. Memories are made there. Home also is our living space where we do everyday things of life.

Home is where we go to rest and rejuvenate. It is a place of protection and daily provision.

People without a sense of home wander around always looking for some place to just be at home. This is even true of evil spirits according to Scripture.

Home is the place you long to be when you are anywhere else. It holds your heart and affection. It is the place we call for help when we are away.

Sacrifices and broken relationships are mended at home. It can be both a place of sorrow and joy. Home can be a physical place or just a special place in our heart.

Jesus is home for me. Do you have a home?