While in meditation and silent prayer recently, I used the word “Home” as the key to help me center focus back on Jesus.

After my time of prayer I came to since that this concept of “Home” is critical for my spiritual progression in God’s family. Jesus as our home means that we can find a place of rest, identity, acceptance and love no matter where we are or what is going on in our lives.

These are some ways that Jesus reminds me of home…

Home is a place where you are free to be you. No makeup or putting on a face for anyone. Our identity is wrapped up in our home and the relationships that take place there. Our sense of home indicates our emotional health.

Intimate, private things occur in our homes. Memories are made there. Home also is our living space where we do everyday things of life.

Home is where we go to rest and rejuvenate. It is a place of protection and daily provision.

People without a sense of home wander around always looking for some place to just be at home. This is even true of evil spirits according to Scripture.

Home is the place you long to be when you are anywhere else. It holds your heart and affection. It is the place we call for help when we are away.

Sacrifices and broken relationships are mended at home. It can be both a place of sorrow and joy. Home can be a physical place or just a special place in our heart.

Jesus is home for me. Do you have a home?

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