Daily Archives: December 5, 2007

Leaning toward Huck

A while back I wrote about the Republican candidates for president, I was at a complete loss of who to vote for in the primaries. I generally don’t consider Democrats. But just about everything was up for grabs. 

I am staunchly pro life, but I started to begin to wonder if all the candidates from the major parties on the final ballot would be pro choice. I was even willing to consider a Democrat if he or she was pro life. I don’t consider myself a one issue voter, but I have a hard time voting for someone who is pro choice because I believe most abortion is murder.

Anyway, there are many issues that concern me – foreign policy, immigration, out of control government spending, education, decaying U.S. infrastructure, monetary policies that favor the elite, environmental stewardship, etc. I have yet to find a candidate where I agree 100% on all these key issues. But I am starting to see some key differences between the various candidates thanks to the latest Republican debate.

I didn’t think there was any competent candidate who would represent my worldview, which is a critical factor for me.  I want a good candidate who is capable of leading the nation. A close second is finding someone who shares my worldview.  I am starting to believe that Mike Huckabee may be that person.  

Honestly, I would not have given Huckabee the time of day two months ago for two reasons. First, he was a minister, which naturally makes me suspicious. I know that I am a Christian. And as such, I should want to vote for a minister. But I have serious doubts about many well-known ministers who have been active on the political scene. So far Huckabee seems to be a different guy based on his answers.

Second, the guy’s last name is Huckabee, and he is from Arkansas. How sophisticated can a guy from Arkansas be if his last name is Huckabee? I had visions of the new incarnation of George W. Bush, only this time the guy would be from Arkansas not Texas.

I have to apologize to Huckabee because I pre-judged him. And I warn you not to do the same thing because he seems to be the real deal.

After watching him during the recent debate, I have started to rethink my attitude toward his candidacy. Then I watched an interview that he did with Glenn Beck. For the record, I don’t listen to any conservative talk show host, including Beck. I find most talk radio and political TV shows to be too divisive. I came across the following clip when researching Huckabee. It blew me away to see how close his responses are to what I would say if asked the same questions.


I have some real problems with the Republicans right now. Huckabee didn’t shy away from criticizing his own party for the things it has done wrong including its poor response to Katrina, scandals/abuse of power and abandoning its core principles. He was polite yet very truthful.

Sure, I have my doubts if he can win. But I would rather back the real deal than just be pragmatic and support the guy who has the best chance to beat Clinton or Obama.

I am not completely sold on Huckabee. I have some concerns about his stances on immigration and taxes. And I know all this stuff has come out about his record on releasing a violent sex offender when he was governor of Arkansas. I will wait to see what shakes out on those question marks before saying, “I’m with Mike.”

It is just too early to pick any one candidate. But at this point, I am leaning toward Huck. Wow, it’s amazing how a few weeks can change your perspective on a person.