Modern Prophets

“Documentary filmmakers are becoming the modern-day prophets. They’re the people who are looking at the world and seeing that things are not right and asking the provocative and challenging questions we need to hear to deal with issues of modern-day slavery, sex trafficking, poverty, hunger and justice. Moves can help us understand the place in the world where God really grieves the injustice and the evil we see.” – Will Stoller-Lee of the Windrider Forum

I couldn’t agree more. That is why I have become a documentary junkie. Some people get addicted to video games. I love documentary films. I like them from a wide variety of viewpoints too. I even love to see short films and youtube videos. Some of my favorite film projects are short Internet videos. I especially like projects that take on current issues or social ills using humor and unique film techniques.

Here are two example of funny Internet shorts that hit current issues. These bits are somewhat edgy. But I think Jib Jab did a good job with them.

So if you had one topic that you could make a movie on, what would it be? What social or life issue would you highlight? What would your message be?

More on this to come…

One response to “Modern Prophets

  1. Because of the heart/spirit of this quote by Will Stoller-Lee, I’m going to the indie film theater in town (Colorado Springs) tonight to watch WWJB? (What Would Jesus Buy?). There’s a Q & A after the late showing right there in the theater that i’ll be attending as well led by guess who? Stoller-Lee.
    i’ve invited all kinds of folks to come…from the conservative church goer type to my seeker agnostic friends. Should be interesting having such a mixture of people like that…kinda what Jesus would be about, don’t ya think? If only the church could catch on…

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