Broken Body

The body of Christ experienced a terrible tragedy yesterday as two shootings took the lives of people at a YWAM base and the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families of those who were slain or hurt in the senseless attacks.

YWAM is an organization that does a lot to serve the communities where it runs training schools and outreach missions. New Life is an active church in the area with a passion for worship and prayer.

God, You are much bigger than this tragedy. May the local Christian body in the area come together to provide needed assistance and support.

The entire Christian community rejoices that many lives were saved thanks to the quick action by security staff at the New Life Church. 

The body of Christ in America is a little broken today after the loss of life. The good news is that Jesus, You, restore that which is broken.

God. may You get the glory out of this horrible situation. May divine comfort come to those who have been hurt by the shootings. We are all thankful that the loss of life was not greater than it was. Amen!


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